Scottish Junior Open 2005 – Finals

We reached 3 finals and won 1, in addition to having 3 semi- finalists

Boys U13:[3/4] David Wardle (Eng) bt [2] Abhishek Pradhan 9/5, 9/7, 9/6
Boys U15:Gabriel Velasquez (Mex) bt [2] Ian Jubb (Sco)
Boys U17:[1] Rory Byrne (Irl) bt [2] David Letourneau (Can)
Boys U19:[3/4] Arturo Salazar (Mex) bt [5/8] Cesar Salazar

Girls U13:[3/4] Anaka Alankamony bt [1] Sachika Balvani 9/0, 9/2, 9/5 (20m)
Girls U15:[3/4] Laura Gemmell (Can) bt Liu Tsz Ling (Hkg)
Girls U17:Leung Shin Nga (Hkg) bt Surbhi Misra 9/4, 10/8, 9/2 (27m)
Girls U19:[3/4] Neha Kumar (Can) bt [5/8] Victoria Lust (Eng)
Karan Malik bt Alex Bowden {England}3-1 for the third place u15
Saumya bt Aparajitha for the third place u13Semi final results
Boys U15:Gabriel Velaquez (Mex) bt Karan Malik 9/7, 9/7, 4/9, 5/9, 9/5
Boys U13:[2] Abhishek Pradhan bt Samuel Conant (Usa) 9/3, 9/3, 9/2
Girls U17:Surbhi Misra bt [1] Bethan Williams (Wal) 9/5, 10/8, 9/5
Girls U13:[1] Sachika Balvani bt Aparajitha Balamurukan 4/9, 9/6, 9/4, 9/4
[3/4] Anaka Alankamony bt Saumya Karki 9/10, 9/3, 9/0, 9/1

Detailed Results

About Cyrus Poncha
I was born and lived in Bombay before moving to Chennai in 2001 to coach the Indian national squash team....what a journey its been!!

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