Dipika Pallikal’s CNN-IBN interview

Dipika Pallikal could easily have been a model. But for this talented squash player from Chennai, the sport has been an obsession and looks like it is finally paying off. Dipika has been steadily gaining points in the junior circuit and her most recent achievement was winning the Asian junior championship. “It was a really good experience for me in the Dutch Open. One of the biggest wins of the year was the Asian Junior Championships. And being Asia’s No 1 is a really big thing in India,” Dipika says. The SAF games was the second team tournament in Dipika’s young career and she feels the camaraderie shared with team mates while playing for the country is a refreshing change from the individual events that squash players normally participate in. “It was a good experience being in a team, working as a team, having dinner and lunch together. It was a different experience from being an individual,” she adds.

Ask her about the reason why Chennai is dominating Indian squash and the pretty young lass is all smiles. After all, the city has produced the likes of Saurav Ghosal and Joshna Chinnapa. “We normally go only for squash, we go to school for three hours and we are back for squash. So squash is our aim in Channai,” says Dipika. Watch the interview


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I was born and lived in Bombay before moving to Chennai in 2001 to coach the Indian national squash team....what a journey its been!!

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