Junior Squash Nationals Kolkata 2006 entry form

JUNIOR NATIONAL SQUASH CHAMPIONSHIPS 2006, 25th – 28th October 2006, Kolkata.
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ENTRY FORM (Click to open the PDF version of the form )
(Entries close on 3rd October 2006 at 12noon)
Name : ______________________________________________________
(Please write in BLOCK letters)
Address ______________________________________________________
Tel. No.____________________________ State : __________________
Date of Birth :________________ E-mail __________________________
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Senior Inter State Championship 2006 Semis

Tamil Nadu bt Rajashthan 2-0: Harinder Pal Singh (Tamil Nadu) beat Gautam Sharma (Rajasthan) 9-2 9-5 9-6, Parth Sharma (Tamil Nadu) beat Gunraj Singh (Rajasthan) 3-9 9-0 9-3 9-0

Services bt New Delhi 2-0:Shakti Singh (Services) beat Sohail Kapur (New Delhi) 9-0 9-7 9-0, Navneet Narian (Services) beat Muktiar Ali (New Delhi) 9-5 9-1 9-0

Tamil Nadu plays Services in the finals tomorow at the Delhi Gymkhana Squash Courts 17:30 onwards