SKF Little Masters Junior Squash

The country’s leading junior players are to take part in the Rs 1,81,500 SKF Little Masters Junior Squash tournament to be held at the Willingdon Sports Club from  September 19-23.The event has attracted top juniors like Sandeep Jangra, Shivangi Paranjpe, the top seeds U19, and Harita Om Prakash, who is seeded second in the u19 section and #1 in the u15
“We have received around fifty outstation entries overall, including two from England in the under 9 section, out of 328,” said Pushpak Merchant, Secretary, Squash Willingdon Sports Club. “The other entries from outside Maharashtra belong to Tamil Nadu, Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan,” he said.The tournament is being held under the aegis of the Squash Rackets Association of Maharashtra and the Squash Rackets Federaton of India. The under 19 boys and girls winner would take home Rs 30,000 and 18,000 respectively while the corresponding under 17 and 15 champions would be richer by Rs 18,000 and 8,500.
The tourney in its 14th year has been a hunting ground for many a youngsters who are now playing in national and state level. From the last year the tournament attracted quite few many players, where the figures increased from 230 to 328 entries this year. There is also an extra age category added this year Boys & Girls U-9

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