Ian Botham walks again for charity

Ian Botham has embarked on his 11th charity walk in aid of Leukaemia Research and Teenage Cancer Trust, a journey that will take in 17 cities across Britain in nine days before finishing up in London’s Marble Arch on October 17.  Ian, 50, has been an avid charity fundraiser for nearly 30 years, and his previous trips have included a walk across Britain 1985, and the Hannibal trek across the Alps with elephants in 1988. To date, he has raised more than £8million (over Rs. 60 crores) for good causes, and in 2003 he was made the first ever President of Leukaemia Research, the only national charity devoted exclusively to leukaemia, Hodgkin’s lymphoma and other lymphomas, myeloma and related blood disorders. Botham said “A lot of people make TV charity appeals, which is terrific, but if you’re fit enough to do something like this, then I think it attracts more attention. People not only see you giving up your time, they also see you going through the agonies. It wouldn’t be enough for me to sit back in a comfy chair in a television studio saying, ‘please give money to Leukaemia Research, it’s a great cause’ One wishes that our wealthy cricketers take a leaf from this book and give their time to raise awareness and funds. Botham’s cricket exploits as one of the greatest all rounders should get him a knighthood and he certainly deserves another for his charity work. Botham became aware of leukaemia in 1977 when he broke a bone in his foot playing for England. “I was feeling sorry for myself then I spotted a group of lovely kids sitting round a table in hospital playing a board game. They weren’t bandaged, they weren’t in plaster, they didn’t have needles or tubes sticking out of them, in fact they looked perfectly healthy. “When I asked a nurse why they were in hospital she told me they only had a few weeks to live – leukaemia. It didn’t make any sense, it still doesn’t, they looked fine and it tore me up inside

Fans who wish to help Ian can donating online and follow his progress at www.bothamwalk.com. Click here to view his cricket stats


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