World Masters Squash Finals

Congrats to all winners and participants, to play squash at 60+ is really super35-39 Mike Tootill (RSA) bt Neil Frankland (Eng) 3-1, 3rd/4th position: Mark Allen (Eng) /Matthias Scholl (Ger).

40-44 Craig van der Wath (RSA) bt Jonathan Clark (Eng) 3-0, 3rd/4th position: Jonathan Leeb (RSA)/Frank Ellis (Sco)

45-49 Geoffrey Davenport (Aus) bt Simon Gogolin  (Aus) 3-0, 3rd/4th Position: Alan Thomson (Sco)/ Gary Fourie (RSA)

50-54 Peter Alexander (Eng) bt Stuart Hardy (Eng) 3-0, 3rd/4th position: Volke Hauke (Ger)/ Peter Stephens (RSA)

55-59 Johnny Leslie (Eng) bt Trever Coyler (NZ) 3-1, 3rd /4th position: Brian Cook bt Alan Colburn (RSA) 7-9 9-6 9-3 9-3

60-64 Hugh Colburn (Aus ) bt Martin Pearse (Eng) 3-2, 3rd/4th position : Nick Penstone (RSA)/ Desmond Schultz (RSA)

65-59 Adrian Wright (Eng) bt Chris Stahl (Eng) 3-2, Brian Phillips (Wales) bt Barry Gardiner (NZ) 3-1

70-74 John Woodliffe (Eng) bt Brian Heath (RSA) 3-2, 3rd position:  Lance Kinder (Eng)/ Malcolm Gilham (Eng)

75+ Peter Fahrenheim (RSA) bt Frank Allison (RSA) 3-0, 3rd/4th position: Alex Hamilton(Sco) bt Terry Christy (RSA) 3-0

35-39 Sarah Fitz-Gerald (Aus) bt Cindy Meintjes (Aus) 3-0, Sharon Wakeford (RSA) bt Isabel Tweedie (Eng) 3-1

40-44 Angie Clifton- Parks (RSA) bt Viv Doeg (RSA) 3-0, 3rd/4th  position: Sharon Le Roux (RSA) bt Sue Williams (Aus) 3-1

45-49 Janet van der Westhuizen (RSA) bt  Helena Kruger (RSA) 3-0
3rd/4th position: Karen Hume (Eng) bt Lisa O’Grady (RSA) 3-0
Anne Richards (Aus) bt Pauline Douglas (Sco) 3-1
3rd/4th position: Annelene Le Roux (RSA) bt Carol Roylance (Eng) 3-1
Sue Volkze (Aus) bt Kathy Paterson (Aus) 3-1
3rd/4th position: Angela Murphy (Eng) bt Margie Hunt-Kemp (RSA) 3-0
Ann Manley (eng) bt Bett Dryhurst (Eng) 3-0
3rd/4th position : Jean Grainger(RSA)/Liz Pratten (RSA)
Barbara Sanderson (Eng) bt Glenda Erasmus (RSA) 3-2
3rd/4th position: Dawn Kaiser (RSA)/Joan Witton (Eng)


About Cyrus Poncha
I was born and lived in Bombay before moving to Chennai in 2001 to coach the Indian national squash team....what a journey its been!!

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