Junior National Squash Team Day3

Boys 15
{2} Ravi Dixit {Tamil Nadu} beat {1} Ameek Sidhu {Chandigarh}  9-3 9-0 9-0
{4} Akshay Deepak {Tamil Nadu} beat {3} Taramdeep Singh {Chandigarh}  9-0 9-5 9-0
{3} Karan Malik {Tamil Nadu} beat {2} Siddharth Phutela {Chandigarh}  9-3 9-0 9-0
TAMIL NADU beat CHANDIGARH  3-0 Read more of this post


Luca di Montezemolo on the changes at Ferrari

FIAT chariman Luca di Montezemolo  hailing Schumacher and Brawn, and also speaking of the recent structural changes at Ferrari.

I’m very happy to be here today. Behind this table there is first of all a family. A group of people who have shared in 12 years difficult moments, extraordinary moments, and average moments, always with great respect, great unity, and always looking ahead. This is Ferrari’s strength.Since 1997, excluding last year, if Ferrari didn’t win the championship they lost it at the last race. Always. Since ’97, Ferrari have been the team and the car to beat, and Michael has always been the driver to beat. Drivers have changed, and so have the cars – Williams, McLaren and Renault – but Ferrari was always there. I’m happy to repeat this in front of him: Michael has not only been the most extraordinary driver in the history of Ferrari, and Ferrari have a long history in competitions, not just F1, so we have had some of the greatest drivers in the history of motor racing. Read more of this post