Roger Federer’s dream tennis season

Roger Fedrer entered 17 tournaments in 2006 and was in the final in 16, he was the first tennis player ever to earn more than $8m in a year.

First player since Rod Laver in 1961-62 to reach six consecutive Grand Slam finals and became the first man ever to win the Wimbledon-US Open double three years in a row. Only Bjorn Borg, Pete Sampras and Federer have won four or more Wimbledon titles consecutively.

He won three Grand Slam titles this year, taking his total to nine, behind only Bill Tilden (10), Rod Laver (11), Bjorn Borg (11), Roy Emerson (12) and record-holder Pete Sampras (14).

Set a new ranking points record of 8,370 and will pass Jimmy Connors’ record of 160 consecutive weeks as world number one in February 2007 – even if he were to lose every match until then.

First player in Masters Series history to win four or more Masters events in consecutive seasons. He is also the first man in the Open era to pick up 10 or more titles for three seasons in a row and has won 77.6% of the finals he has contested in his career, bettering Pete Sampras (72.7%), John McEnroe (71.3%) and Bjorn Borg (70.5%)

First player since Ivan Lendl in 1982 to win more than 90 matches in a season and has now won more than 80 matches in back-to-back seasons.


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