MotoGP 2007

10 Mar Qatar – Héctor Faubel/ Jorge Lorenzo/ Casey Stoner
25 Mar Spain – Gabor Talmacsi/ Jorge Lorenzo/ Valentino Rossi
22 Apr Turkey – Simone Corsi/ Andrea Dovizioso/ Casey Stoner
6 May China – Lukas Pesek/ Jorge Lorenzo/ Casey Stoner
20 May France – Sergio Gadea/ Jorge Lorenzo/ Chris Vermeulen
3 Jun Italy – Hector Faubel/ Alvaro Bautista/ Valentino Rossi
10 Jun Catalunya- T Koyama/ Jorge Lorenzo/ Casey Stoner
24 Jun Great Britain – Mattia Pasini / Andrea Dovizioso/Casey Stoner
30 Jun Netherlands – Mattia Pasini/ Jorge Lorenzo/ Valentino Rossi
15 Jul Germany
22 Jul USA – / / Casey Stoner
19 Aug Czech Republic – / / Casey Stoner
2 Sep San Marino – Mattia Pasini/ Jorge Lorenzo/ Casey Stoner
16 Sep Portugal – Hector Faubel/ Alvaro Bautista/ Valentino Rossi
23 Sep Japan
14 Oct Australia – / / Casey Stoner
21 Oct Malaysia
4 Nov Valencia

About Cyrus Poncha
I was born and lived in Bombay before moving to Chennai in 2001 to coach the Indian national squash team....what a journey its been!!

2 Responses to MotoGP 2007

  1. sportsgrads says:

    looking forward to it…

  2. sportsgrads says:

    Hi this is nitesh
    I blog at
    we are planning to start e-interviewing the sports personalities be it coaches or players ( knowing about their struggles how they started and advice etc) and then posting in our blog.
    We are thinking of starting with the best coach of squash in India i.e you.
    Please let us know your views, on this noble idea which can be helpful to budding players learning from lives of coaches and players.
    I was searching for your email – id here in the blog to contact you regarding this, but wasn’t able to find it.
    Please contact me at

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