5th ICL Chennai Open, Semis

Harry’s gallant progress came to an end today at the 1st Semi Finals of the 5th ICL Squash Chennai Open. Harry played the No.2 seed Mohd. Ali Anwar Reda of Egypt. In the first game there was little to differentiate between the two players as they probed each others defenses. The game to a large extent was played from the rear of the court where some brilliant straight and cross court shots were exchange and on the rare occasion when an opening emerged, Harry who had shown all week, his ability to put away balls, did so with such class. However, at nine all an unforced error by Harry and a brilliant finish in the rally thereafter sealed the game for the much releived Mohd. Reda. Harry started poorly in the second game, he was getting a little impatient and was looking for the winners rather too quickly in the process either he make errors or he opened up the court for Mohd. Reda who put the ball away effectively. The second game was Mohd. Reda’s with token resistance from Harry. The third game started off very similar to the first where once again both players were playing to the back of the court. At 4-4 the tide turned for Mohd. Reda as Harry started making errors again and Mohd. Reda kept it safe and steady as usual. Reda wins 3-0. All in all a gallant effort by Harry the unexpected Semifinalist.

The second semifinal was between top seed Ritwik Bhattacharya and Omar Tarek Mahm Aly. Over the last couple of days, squash enthusiasts have enjoyed Tarek’s repertoire of shots. His delays, deception and ability to put the ball away from the most difficult of positions has endeared him of the fans. Unfortunately for Omar Ritwik remain unperturbed Tarek’s brilliant skills kept his basic game tight and chose his shots aptly to win the first set 9-11. The second game started off somewhat slowly with Tarek anticipating more and running less. At the score standing 4-2 Tarek conceded the match citing an ankle injury. Apparently Tarek had been carrying this injury well before the tournament started and it got worse with every match he played.
Tomorrow’s final promises to be an exciting one between No. 1 seed Ritwik and the No.2 seed Mohd. Reda.


About Cyrus Poncha
I was born and lived in Bombay before moving to Chennai in 2001 to coach the Indian national squash team....what a journey its been!!

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