Trinity College Wins Tenth Successive National Title

Trinity College, in an exhibition of skills, emotional focus and competitive peaking, overwhelmed their principal rival, Princeton University, to retain the CSA National Team Championship Presented by Bear Stearns, for a tenth successive season, with a match score of 8-1. 
The sole winner for Princeton was an American player, Tommy McKay, who defeated Trinity freshman Randy Lim.   Trinity’s efforts were buoyed by a large contingent of Trinity fans from Hartford, Connecticut, who had traveled, some 1000-strong, 80 miles up to Boston, Massachusetts for the finals. 
In winning the championships for the tenth time, Trinity also kept alive a 182-match winning streak, which in addition to being the longest ever in college squash, is also a national record for successive wins in any college sport in the USA.  Trinity’s team success over multiple seasons was profiled in a three-page “Sports Illustrated” feature two weeks ago.
“Streaks will end,” said Trinity coach Paul Assaiante.  “And we highly respect the Princeton Tigers and will feel honored if they are the ones who eventually do end our streak. That being said, ten is a sweet number!”  The Trinity “Bantams” sported special “X-Times Champions” caps at the conclusion of the event.
Princeton coach, Bob Callahan, whose squad has come the closest to toppling Trinity over the past few campaigns, paid tribute to the Trinity effort this year.
“We’ve been frustrated by Trinity before,” said Callahan, “But I feel that this may well have been Trinity’s finest effort.  Their level of focus and overall effort and performance throughout the match may be the best I’ve ever seen from them.”
The finals ended this largest-ever college tournament, which involved 51 teams and required four large squash facilities across Boston to stage.  Total attendance at the three day event exceeded 6500.
CSA National Team Championships Presented by Bear Stearns, 2008

At Harvard University, Allston, MA.

 Trinity 8, Princeton 1

1 Baset Chaudry (T)  def Mauricio Sanchez (P)  9-4 9-1 9-0 

2 Gustav Detter  (T) def Kimlee Wong  (P)      9-7 9-4 9-2 

3 Manek Mathur  (T) def    David Letourneau (P)   9-4 9-1 9-10 9-6 

4 Andres Vargas   (T) def David Canner (P)     9-2 9-4 2-9 9-5 

5 Parth Sherma    (T)  def Heshem El Halaby  (P)   9-5 9-1 9-5 

6 Supreet Singh (T)  def Satiago Imberton  (P)     9-4 9-7 2-9 9-4 

7 Tom McKay (P) def Randy Lim    (T)   5-9 9-1 9-5 9-6 

8 Simba Muhwati  (T) def Peter Sopher   (P)   9-4 9-4 9-6 

9 Rushabh Vora    (T) def Philip Sopher    (P)  9-2 9-3 9-2 

 Final Order of Finish:

1. Trinity College

2. Princeton University

3. Yale University

4. Harvard University

5. University of Pennsylvania

6. University of Western Ontario

7. Williams College

8. Dartmouth College

9. Bates College

10. University of Rochester

11. Cornell University

12. US Naval Academy

13. Bowdoin College

14. Brown University

15. Amherst College

16. Franklin and Marshall

17. St Lawrence University

18. Tufts University

19. Hamilton College

20. Northeastern University

21. Stanford University

22. Wesleyan University

23. Denison

24. Middlebury College

25. Colby College

26. George Washington University

27. Conn College

28. Hobart

29. University of Southern California

30. Northwestern University

31. Columbia University

32. Vassar

33. University of Virginia

34. Colgate University

35. Drexel

36. Vanderbilt

37. Haverford

38. University of Washington

39. Fordham

40. Penn State University

41. Georgetown

42. California (Berkeley)

43. MIT

44. Boston College

45. Kenyon

46. University of Vermont

47. University of North Carolina

48. Tulane

49. Bryant University

50. Notre Dame

51. Bard


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