JSW Karnataka State Open Squash Championship 2008

The Karnataka State Open Squash Championship 2008 was conducted from 8th to 10th August 2008 at Toranagallu, Bellary Dist. Karnataka. The venue has 2 squash courts.
Total of 150 entries were received.

11 events, Boys under 11,13,15,17 and 19, Men, Men over 35, Girls under 11, 13, 15 and Girls under 17 were conducted. Up to the Quarter final stage the matches were played to best of 3 games of 9 points and from the semi final stage the matches were played to best of 5 games.

The Chennai ICL Squash Academy coach R Desappan won the Men’s event by beating the Pune’s top player Abhimanyu Pandey in 5 games. The ICL Academy children won 3 events, Boys under 11, 13 and 17. The Men over 35 was won me beating the SRFI Observer Sunil Verma. Girls under 11 was played as a Round Robin event as there were 4 participants and Neharika came runner up. Girls under 13 and 15 had the same finalists Urvashi Joshi the winner and Lakshya R the runner up from Salem.

Vrishab Kotian from the ICL Squash Academy reached the finals of the Boys under 15 in style but could not tackle the hard hitting and blocking Shashi Pandey of the Jindal Squash Academy and lost in 3 games. There were some very good rallies, but when ever a slightly loose ball was played by Vrishab, Shashi would immediately cover and play a drop giving very little room for Vrishab to reach the ball in time.

The Hospitality of the JSW Ltd, Vidya Nagar, in Toranagallu was excellent.
The Karnataka State Minister for Textiles and Sports was the chief guest for the finals and gave away the prizes.

Finals results:
Boys Under 11 : Roshan Kanna (TN) beat Sandeep Paswan (Mah) 9/1,9/1,9/7
Boys Under 13 : Sandeep Ramachandran (TN) beat Aditya Khatri (Mah) 10/8,9/3,9/0
Boys Under 15 : Shashi Pandey(Mah) beat Vrishab Kotian (TN) 9/6,10/8,9/6
Boys Under 17 : Prithvi Aditya (TN) beat Awdwesh Yadav (Mah) 9/3,9/1,9/3
Boys Under 19 : Laxman Joshi (Mah) beat Abhinav Sinha (Mah) 9/3,9/5,9/1
Men : Desappan (TN) beat Abhimanyu Pandey (Mah) 9/4,9/5,7/9,7/9,9/6
Men O 35 : V Laxman (TN) beat Sunil Verma (Mah) 9/5,9/1,9/5
Girls Under 11: Aishwarya B (Mah) beat Neharika B (TN) 9/5,9/7,10/9
Girls Under 13: Urwashi Joshi (Mah) beat Lakshya R (TN) 9/0,9/6,9/2
Girls Under 15: Urwashi Joshi (Mah) beat Lakshya R (TN) 9/5,10/8,7/3 (Conceded)
Girls Under 17: Rinki Soni (Mah) beat Shweta Yadav (Mah) 5/9,9/3,9/2,9/3

About Cyrus Poncha
I was born and lived in Bombay before moving to Chennai in 2001 to coach the Indian national squash team....what a journey its been!!

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