Incredible sports records

In her career on a squash court McKay lost only twice.  The defeats came in 1960 and 1962, and then the Australian scented nothing but victory until she retired from tournament play in 1981. In 16 appearances at the British Open, she never even lost a game. Only twice did an opponent score more than six points against her, and her opponent in the 1968 final, Bev Johnson, failed to win one. Click here to have a look at her amazing scores in the final. McKay didn’t let up after retirement, winning world titles in the over-45 and over-50 categories.

Margaret Court won 62 grand slam tennis titles in her career (24 singles, 19 doubles and 19 mixed doubles).  There have been plenty of players with the capacity to overhaul Court but the modern game – and the prize money that comes with it – makes doubles play far less important to players. There has been only one player since with both the talent and the desire to break the Australian’s record. Martina Navratilova came close with 59 before she ran out of steam, eventually retiring in 2006, and if she couldn’t get to 62, no one can.

The Don is so far ahead of the rest it is ridiculous to contemplate anyone surpassing his Test average of 99.94. A player is considered accomplished if he averages the far side of 40; 50-plus and you are in the company of the greats. Across a 20-year career, and even without weaker Test nations – Bangladesh, Zimbabwe – from which to plunder, Bradman excelled. The next best average is 60.97, by Graeme Pollock.

In 1945, Byron Nelson won 18 events on the PGA Tour, including 11 consecutively. As the Texan landed only five major championships, he is just off the top table when it comes to all-time greats but in the final year of the Second World War, between the Miami Fourball and the Canadian Open, he was simply untouchable. If Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus and Tiger Woods have never done it – and Woods’s best is six in a row.

In 1851, the schooner America won a yacht race around the Isle of Wight for the New York Yacht Club, and the America’s Cup was born. After that, the NYYC did not relinquish the trophy for 132 years, until Australia II beat Liberty by four races to three in the water off Newport, Rhode Island.The longest winning streak in any sport had come to an end. The longest winning reign since is seven years

Guardian, Oliver Owen


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