2nd Asian Masters, Lahore, Pakistan (3-6 Sept’12)

It was a sterling performance by the Indian contingent with Lalit Kumar Agnihotri in the 50-54 category winning a gold medal for the country. In addition the contingent returned home with 2 silver and 3 bronze medals.

There were in all 98 players from 5 countries, namely India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Singapore and Hong Kong. The categories were 35-39yrs, 40-44yrs, 45-49yrs, 50-54yrs, 55-59yrs and 60+yrs.

A total of 13 Indians participated in this event.

Geoff Hunt, Gogi Allaudin, Ross Norman, Jahangir Khan, Jonathan Power, David Palmer, Qamar Zaman and Ramy Ashour were the past and current legends of the game that were present at the event.

The India results:

Men O-35

1)    Saurab Nayar  ( Bronze Medal) lost to Jehangir Khan Junior(Pak) 6/11 11/13 6/11

2)    Vikas Nayar (Q Finals) lost to Jehangir Khan Junior(Pak) 3/11 9/11 11/6 11/6 7/11

3)    Hemant Nadkarni (Q Finals) lost to Lal Wickramasinghe (Sri Lanka) 12/14 5/11 11/9 11/4

4)    Akul Juneja ( 2nd Round) lost to Lal Wickramasinghe (Sri Lanka) 11/4 11/4 11/3

Men O-40

1)    Aseem Verma (Semi Finalist but no medal due to W/O in SF)

Men O-45

1)    Rohit Thawani (Q Finals) lost to Mohammad Fayyaz(HK) 6/11 15/17 11/8 10/12

2)    Deepak Moolani ( Bronze Medalist) lost to Sohail Qaiser(Pak) 9/11 9/11 9/11

3)    Srikanth K Seshadri (2nd Round) lost to Deepak Moolani (Ind) 7/11 2/11 4/11

Men O-50

1)    Jaideep Singh Grewal (Silver Medal) lost to Hassan Raza(Pak) 8/11 9/11 11/8 4/11

2)    Ajay Manchanda ( 2nd Round) lost to Jaideep Singh(Ind) 7/11 7/11 5/11

Men O-55

1)    Lalit Kumar Agnihotri (Gold Medal ) beat  Md. Hanif Lodhi(Pak) 2/11 1/11 6/11

Men O-60

1)    Rajiv Reddy (Silver Medal) lost to Gogi Allaudin(Pak) 6/11 8/11 4/11

2)    Muneer Sait (Bronze Medal ) lost to Gogi Allaudin(Pak) 4/11 0/11 1/11


About Cyrus Poncha
I was born and lived in Bombay before moving to Chennai in 2001 to coach the Indian national squash team....what a journey its been!!

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