Sportskeeda’s all-new mobile app generates positive buzz

Sportskeeda has recently launched a brand new app on the Play Store for its Android users, keeping in mind the widespread notion that mobile is the way to go for every business. The app is still in the beta stage and till now it seems to have passed all the tests successfully. It is supported on Android 4+, so it covers virtually all the Android devices in the market.

With over 4,000 downloads and a rating of 4.8 just three weeks into its launch, the Sportskeeda app seems to be resonating very well with users.
The good thing about the app is that the user interface is very smooth and user-friendly. It has been designed keeping the principles of human interface interaction in mind, and all the given space is used efficiently.

They also have a feature called ‘live topics’, in which all the major live sporting events happening in the world are covered, giving the user the latest updates from their chosen sport. Live updates from ongoing games are at the user’s fingertips through these live topics.

In the Sportskeeda app the users can customize their homepage as per their liking, based on which sports they want to follow. The app covers all the major sports ranging from cricket, football and hockey to world wrestling, winter sports and cue sports. And all of this takes up only 4.4 MB of space on your phone when you install the app.

According to our independent tests, the app’s homepage consumes an impressive 95% less data than any conventional WAP page, and with an article it consumes 98% less data. This has mainly got to do with the architecture of the app, and the general advantages which come with lightweight objects in data transfer.

The app also gives the user the option to share content on various social media platforms, and the process is very easy to understand and implement.

Coming to the colour combinations that are used in the app, we feel that can be improved as the ‘white’ line showing the tab that the user is currently reading is very similar to the white background in the ‘more stories’ section. Other than that though, the contrast between the different sections is done to good effect, easily differentiating the varied content that is available.
The app also contains feature articles which convey the different opinions by Sportskeeda’s experienced writers on various trending topics, thus providing the users with the best possible insights about the sporting world.

The feedback option is given in the settings page as it is one of the most important features that can ensure optimal user-interface interaction. This option helps the user to share his or her views with the app team and help in regular improvement of the app.

The Sportskeeda app is designed to make the whole sporting experience user friendly; by just swiping your fingers you can get all the latest news from your chosen sports. Still in the beta stage, the app promises to turn into the ideal app for sports lovers all over the world.
You can download the app here:


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I was born and lived in Bombay before moving to Chennai in 2001 to coach the Indian national squash team....what a journey its been!!

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