Sub-Jr. / Jr. National Championships 2007 – Mayo College, Finals

B11: Yohan Pandole {MAH} beat Roshan Kanna {TN} 7-9 10-9 9-3 9-2
B13: Kush Kumar {DEL} beat Deepak Mishra {DEL} 7-9 8-10 10-9 9-2 9-1
B15: Mahesh Mangaonkar {MAH} beat Abhishek Pradhan {MAH} 8-10 9-5 9-1 7-9 9-1
B17: Aditya Jagtap {MAH} beat Ravi Dixit {TN} 4-9 9-4 0-9 9-5 9-3
B19: Harinder Pal Singh {TN} beat Parth Sharma {TN} 9-7 3-9 7-9 9-5 9-7
G11: Pankhuri Malhotra {DEL} beat Adya Advani {DEL} 9-1 9-4 9-1
G13: Urvashi Joshi {MAH} beat Disha {RAJ} 9-0 9-1 9-4
G15: Anaka Alankamony {TN} beat Saumya Karki {MAH} 9-0 9-4 9-6
G17: Harita Omprakash {TN} beat Dheeya Somaiya {MP} 4-9 9-3 7-9 9-4 9-0
G19: Dipika Pallikal {TN} beat V Anwesha Reddy {TN} 9-7 10-8 9-6


Junior Nationals 2007 schedule

Schedule for the Junior Nationals at Ajmer

Hindu: National squash Day3

Two keen rivals, Harinder Pal Singh and Parth Sharma – both ICL Academy trainees – took the centrestage on Thursday to liven up proceedings with a close quarterfinal contest in the ICL-National squash championship here.Sadly, the final and decisive point of the match that went in favour of Harinder came in a tame and unexpected manner with Parth limping after an attack of cramps in his left knee. In fact, when the score read 8-7 in the fourth game in a ‘match ball’ situation for Harinder, Parth sank to the floor clutching his leg after failing to return a low ball. He got the stipulated three-minute time-out to get relief though it was too brief for a recovery. But for that episode it was anybody’s match, such was the way the two battled it out. Rallies, long shots and consistency at the forecourt – the encounter had everything as the two matched wits. Added to that was the way the two went for the returns – stretching and lunging at everything – and dug deep on their last reserve of energies in this 71-minute riveting show. It has been the day’s form that has separated the two more often than not. In recent times, Parth, the National under-19 champion, had lost to Harinder once in a PSA tournament. Still, there appeared a flicker of hope for Parth this time considering the way he clawed back from 4-8 in the second game after bagging the first to level the score.

However, Harinder settled the issue with two brilliant cross-court swishes. There was deftness in his drop shots and the way he kept varying the length, Parth had Harinder in a tight spot quite often. However, the latter, the younger of the two, found a way to wriggle out.

Earlier, top seed and defending champion Saurav Ghosal demolished Supreet Singh of Maharashtra with a fine display. Deep lobs, cross-court drives and masterly drop shots flowed from Ghosal’s racket to leave Supreet dazed.
Ghosal’s domination. Such was Ghosal’s domination that when Supreet won his first point in the third game, the latter could not hide his happiness over the achievement!

Equally good was the lanky Sidharth Suchde’s effort against the local boy Parthiban. Known for his resilience, Parthiban found himself repeatedly beaten by Suche’s pace and variation.

In the women’s section, Joshna Chinappa and Dipika Pallikal – the top two seeds – are clearly in a different league. They have recorded facile wins and are still to face a challenge. Anwesha Reddy impressed during her win over Komal Sharma and did not concede a single point. However, Harita Omprakash, another promising youngster, failed to make any impression on Surbhi Misra of Rajasthan and went down without a fight.

Hindu: National squash Day2

Supreet Singh used to be a regular in the domestic circuit before he shifted base to Connecticut (US) this January for his undergraduate studies.The Maharashtra player flew in recently to have a feel of the squash scene, and on Wednesday he was the cynosure of all eyes with his straight game win over a fighting Vikas Jangra in a pre-quarterfinal match in the ICL-National championship.In terms of the seeding, the result was an upset as Supreet is in the 9/16 bracket, while Jangra is 5/8.It is a different matter that he will be facing the top seed and title-favourite Saurav Ghosal next but as he put it, “at least I will have the pleasure of playing a great player. Besides, the match against Vikas has toned me up for the tougher match.” Even if the score-line does not suggest that it was a touch and go match – replete with rallies. Had Jangra, who works in the Indian Navy, managed to grab the third game, the tale could have been different. Read more of this post

National Squash, Day1

Men (second round): Saurav Ghosal (TN) bt Harshit Jain (ND) 9-2, 9-0, 9-1; Pratik Baweja (Raj) bt Sikander Khan (M.P.) 10-8, 9-2, 9-1; Girish Sawlani (TN) bt H. Aggarwal (NDA) 9-2, 9-5, 9-4; Amjad Khan (ND) bt Saurabh Agrawal (U.P.) 9- 3, 9-1, 9-3; Supreet Singh (Mah) bt Anshuman Chaudhary (Ser) 9-2, 9-2, 9-4; Read more of this post

Junior National Squash Team Day2

Boys 15
{1} Ramit Tandon {Tamil Nadu} beat {1} Ankur Pathak {New Delhi ‘B’}  9-0 9-0 9-2
{3} Karan Malik {Tamil Nadu} beat {4} Aditya Advani {New Delhi ‘B’}  9-1 9-0 9-0
{2} Ravi Dixit {Tamil Nadu} beat {3} Akash Moitra {New Delhi ‘B’}  9-1 9-2 9-3
TAMIL NADU beat NEW DELHI ‘B’  3-0 Read more of this post

Junior National Squash Team Day1

Boys 15
3 {New Delhi ‘B’} lost to {1} Ameek Sidhu {Chandigarh}  2-9 4-9 5-9
{3} Akash Moitra {New Delhi ‘B’} lost to {4} Armaan Singh {Chandigarh}  0-9 7-9 3-9
{2} Sajid Hussain {New Delhi ‘B’} lost to {3} Taramdeep Singh {Chandigarh} 4-9 3-9 5-9
NEW DELHI ‘B’ lost to CHANDIGARH  0-3 Read more of this post

Junior National Squash Day3

 BU11 – Quarter-Final
Kush Kumar {ND} beat Karan Kochhar {MAH}  9-3 9-4 9-1
Aditya Khatri {MAH} beat Aviroop Ghoshal {MAH}  9-5 9-5 9-2
Roshan Kanna {TN} beat Yohan Pandole {MAH}  7-9 9-4 9-2 10-8
Raghav Mehrotra {MAH} beat Yaduveer Singh {MP}  9-1 9-4 7-9 9-2 Read more of this post

Junior National Squash Day2

BU11 – Round 2
Kush Kumar {ND} beat Ravindra Dhoria {MAH}  9-0 9-3 9-4
Madhav Gupta {MAH} beat Ayush Sharma {RAJ}  9-7 10-8 10-8
Karan Kochhar {MAH} beat Aradhya Kasliwal {MP}  9-1 9-2 10-8
Aviroop Ghoshal {MAH} beat Ronijit Chaliha {ASM}  9-0 9-0 9-0
Aditya Khatri {MAH} beat Shobit Choudhary {CHG}  9-0 9-0 9-1
Roshan Kanna {TN} beat Vijen Mehta {WB}  9-0 9-0 9-0
Akhilesh Yadav {MAH} beat Adil Tibrawalla {WB}  9-2 9-0 9-0
Yohan Pandole {MAH} beat Devchand Rai {MAH}  9-5 10-8 9-7 Read more of this post

Indian Express article on Bhuvaneshwari Kumari

As the Princess of Alwar she could have led a cushy life. Instead she chose to go through the grind and spent long hours working on her fitness. She always travelled with the rest of the team even if that meant travelling on an unreserved ticket for tournaments! “Paying my air fare was no big deal for my parents. But, they never spoilt us. They were always very encouraging about my sister and I taking up something like squash and not say, polo or shooting — the symbols of royalty,” says 16 consecutive time national squash champion Bhuvaneshwari Kumari. Read more of this post